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Awkward Moments at School with Really Cute Teachers that Don’t Even Teach You

8 Jan


Who likes Barbra Streisand?

If you do, I love you.


So, as you can tell from the title, about two weeks ago I had a pretty awkward moment that I shall reenact using drawings.

My friends – we’ll call them Mel and Clara – and I were staying after school, due to the play we were putting on. This guy – we’ll call him Abe – came in, and started talking to Mel about random shows. Totally¬†flirting. And he offended me, like, five times! Clara was watching Glee at this time…lucky. So Clara and I decided to leave. Yeah. Leave.Capture

And at first, Mel and Abe didn’t even acknowledge we left.

We decided to roam around and reminisce in the elementary school for a bit. We went to the third floor, where our old English teacher’s room is. We looked in, seeing all¬†of the changes that the new, young, very attractive male teacher – we’ll call him Bill – made.


Suddenly, I thought I heard someone singing and walking our way, so I turned around; however, Clara didn’t and continued to stare into the room. Bill then walked into the room, singing, ‘do do do do *whistle whistle whistle*’. This is what happened next:





Clara and I then scurry away down the hall, and I look to my left as we go. I see Bill slowly walking past the doorway with the same expression on his face.

I’m pretty sure we really creeped him out.


But that is not all for the awkward moments!

We ran back to our teacher’s classroom and explained everything to Mel and Abe. Abe left, and Mel, Clara, and I decided to go for a walk around campus. This adorable little car was about to pass by, and Clara said, “I bet that’s him [referring to Bill]!!” Mel doubted it, believing there was no way that this cute, little, white car could belong to him. They made me look in, and…




So, that was a very interesting afternoon to experience. Clara and I then continued to obsess over Bill with the disapproval of most of our classmates, but who cares? HATERZ GOIN’ HATE.

Thank you for wasting your dear time by reading this crazy but true story.

Thank you. *bows*


Okay, guys, it’s Tuesday, which means the work week is 2/5 over! WOO! Being away from school and coming back really made me realize how much I hate being social. In my opinion, internet people are much cooler than normal people (<3). Anyways, Tuesday also means that tomorrow is Wednesday, which is Poetry Wednesday! YEAH PARTY PARTY! Tomorrow I’ll post the last of my poems from my English assignment, but I do have a couple poems/songs (I haven’t quite decided which yet…) for later Poetry Wednesdays. Don’t forget to post your own poems on the comments, dreamers!

Peace out, home skilley biscuits. I’m going to read Jane Eyre.

Peace, Love, and Bill,