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I Owe You

7 Jan

Hello, dreamers!
It is again Monday, but this is Monday is special. It’s the Monday that most of us go back to reality, and if you don’t go back to work or school from vacation, then congratu-freaking-lations.
I must apologize for my dropping off the face of the earth yet again (this seems to happen often… Heh). First, I had finals, when I basically ate, slept, studied, and took the exam. Nothing else. My brain was about to explode. Next, I decided to just sleep for my vacation. That’s about all that happened over break. EXCEPT I SAW LES MIS AND THE HOBBIT, AND BOTH WERE PERFECTLY AMAZING. I saw Les Mis (and Eddie Redmayne’s beautiful face and perfect self; yesterday was his birthday! HBD BBY!!) twice in less than 24 hours. It was that perfect. I do suggest that EVERYONE sees it ASAP. Then on Friday, I watched the entire trilogy of The Lord of the Rings with a couple friends for 13 hours straight. My eyes were about to combust, and I was left emotionally unstable. It was awesome. We stayed up until about 4:00 in the morning and had to wake up at 9:30 for a service hour thing. We were zombies. I seriously think I scared some kids, like no joke. After that, we had lunch and saw the Hobbit! It was a little slow in the beginning, but I was on the edge of my seat by the end! GO WATCH IT BECAUSE I WILL END UP SPOILING!
And finally, here I am!
I owe you a Poetry Wednesday, by the way. I’ll do two weeks in a row, so be expecting some poetry this Wednesday and next! Also, if you would like your poetry shown on a Poetry Wednesday, submit your poem(s) either in the comments or email me at casssinger101@yahoo.com. Thank you!
Here’s a picture I found on imgfave, and I don’t know, it’s all dream-y and starry and whatnot.


Have a lovely week, dreamers!

Peace, Love, LOTR, and Les Mis,


Poetry Wednesday

5 Dec

Bonjour, bloggers!

So, as you can tell from the title, today is Poetry Wednesday!Image

Today, I shall post one of my suckish poems. Enjoy feeling better about yourself!

Alley by the Lake by Leonid Afremov


Conflating Leaves

Rain pours down as I stare.

He can’t be with another –

Out in the open air!

A shame he is my lover.

He gently grabs her hand

Where leaves conflate their colors –

Like something that is grand.

The wind serves as a messenger:

I have been forgotten.

I stand solitary

As the rain pours on slowly.

I begin to fell dreary,

And absentmindedly,

A tear falls from my cheek.

My love has been

Lost and never again

To be found.

Yay for suckish poems!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this terrible poem. Have an amazing end to Poetry Wednesday!
Oh, and be expecting these every other week.

Yay for more sucky poems!

Peace, Love, and Bad Poems,


Happy Turkey Day!

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, dreamers! Today is one of the only days when you can eat until you’re about to explode and not feel bad about it!


So, how have you all been? I must apologize for my not blogging for, like, two weeks. I was in St. Thomas, where I had to survive without the Internet for a week. Then I came home. And I was jet lagged. And really lazy. But none of that matters! I’m blogging now!

Do expect pictures from St. Thomas when I actually feel like uploading them off my camera. WOO LAZYY!

Well, anyways, I hope this fine fall day does you well. And EAT SO MUCH IT HURTS WOO GO FOOD I LOVE YOU. But not as much as cats.

Peace, Love, and Food,

Hello from Paradise!

8 Nov

Yes, lovely dreamers, paradise. I am currently in St. Thomas for my cousin’s wedding, which means I get to escape the stress of everyday life until Tuesday. And man, is it rockin’.

In other news, Obama has been reelected, which I’m sure everyone has heard about. Unless you’re a seclude that only looks at cats on the Internet, which is perfectly fine! Cats are fantabulous! Anyways, all of my friends on facebook – who mostly aren’t even able to vote yet – have been posting things such as “Oh, goodbye, freedom!” and “We’re all gonna die.” Well, shut up.
I hate politics (I don’t like the idea that it’s meant to bring us together, when in reality it just splits us apart), and I’m not hating that badly! Like chill out. We’re not going to die or lose our freedom. Just because Romney didn’t win doesn’t mean that our country is going to turn out horridly! In fact, Obama is doing a great job, what with gay rights, women’s rights, and whatnot.
So chill out before I punch you.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. Hehe.

Hope the rest of your week is spectacular!

Peace, Love, and Not Politics,

Random Fact: I’d like to be an IP Lawyer!

Where Did October Go?

29 Oct

Guys. It’s the twenty-ninth of October.


What are you doing.

It has finally gotten cold here in the south! Well, 60 degrees, but whatever! That’s cold down here! I seriously felt like I was dying of hypothermia this morning on the bus. The heater must be bipolar or something. It works wonderfully when the bus is in motion! But when the bus stops, it blows out freezing cold air, giving my legs a horrid chill. And terrible goosebumps.

But I’m glad sweater weather has finally come! It is, however, most likely to leave again, since our weather is crazy. One day it’ll be like a sauna, the next like a freezer. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

Halloween is in two days! Yay! I’m going trick or treating with two of my best friends. Might I mention that I haven’t gone trick or treating in years?? Anyways, we’re all dressing up as cats (OMG WHAT A SURPRISE). I’m super excited! YAY FOR SWEETS!


Peace, Love, and Candy Corn,


Happy West Side Story Monday!

22 Oct

Today, to make Monday a little happier, I’ve decided to listen to nothing but West Side Story songs (hints the title). And it worked!

Seeing as many of you enjoyed my pictures from my photoshoot on Friday, I’ve decided to upload a couple more! Image





Peace, Love, and West Side Story,


Random Fact: I’ll be a cat for Halloween this year (What a surprise!)


C’est enfin le week-end!

20 Oct

It’s finally the weekend! I know, I’m like a day late, but I was busy having a photoshoot with my dog and cat.

I hope that in celebration of the weekend, you are as happy as my cat, who obviously wants to be a model.Image

His name is Pumpkin, and he hates the world. Minus food.

This is my dog, Noel. She loves everything. Especially food. She’s supposed to be a miniature dachshund, but she’s fat enough to be a regular dachshund.



So, in a totally random matter, last week I was totally obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, as you know. Well, this week I’ve found myself infatuated with random Broadway music. Well, more than usual. And it just makes me miss New York even more! 😦

Back on the photoshoot matter, here are some more pictures of my animals’ wanting to be models.




Peace, Love, Modeling, and Broadway,



Random Fact of the Day:

I just realized that I haven’t been doing these, so I’ll start up again! I really like taking pictures, but I don’t know if I’m really any good…