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I May Die Tomorrow

10 Jan

The administration people at my school are making us go tomorrow, and the area is in a state of trauma. 

Hah that’s okay I’ll just go in one of my helicopters right next to my unicorn stables and fairy night club. 

Like, no, this is not okay.

I will sue if I die. As a ghost. 

It’s been lovely knowing you all, dreamers! 😦




Peace, Love, and DEATH,


PS Sorry this is like a horrible post, I’m just really angry. We’re the only ones going to school in our area. Stupid.




The Cat Man

24 Oct

Watch it. You know you want to.

And Happy Hump Day!

Peace, Love, and Dancing Cats,

Random Fact: I dance with my cat every day. LOL JK. My cat hates the world.


C’est enfin le week-end!

20 Oct

It’s finally the weekend! I know, I’m like a day late, but I was busy having a photoshoot with my dog and cat.

I hope that in celebration of the weekend, you are as happy as my cat, who obviously wants to be a model.Image

His name is Pumpkin, and he hates the world. Minus food.

This is my dog, Noel. She loves everything. Especially food. She’s supposed to be a miniature dachshund, but she’s fat enough to be a regular dachshund.



So, in a totally random matter, last week I was totally obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, as you know. Well, this week I’ve found myself infatuated with random Broadway music. Well, more than usual. And it just makes me miss New York even more! 😦

Back on the photoshoot matter, here are some more pictures of my animals’ wanting to be models.




Peace, Love, Modeling, and Broadway,



Random Fact of the Day:

I just realized that I haven’t been doing these, so I’ll start up again! I really like taking pictures, but I don’t know if I’m really any good…

Happy Monday, Dreamers!

24 Sep

Pahahaha who am I kidding? Mondays aren’t happy!


Seriously what I look like right now.^
No one should be up this early. On a Monday.

Peace and Love (And NOT Mondays!),



23 Sep


Cats: Doing the impossible since a very long time ago.