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Ninja Cassidy and the Ghetto House of Cats

22 Sep

So, this being my first REAL post on my blog, I thought it would be appropriate if I shared one of my dreams from a couple nights ago. However, it’s pretty weird.
You have been warned.

In this dream of mine, I, along with a couple of my friends from school, was at my friend’s house, when we decided to travel over to this really ghetto, yellow house. Upon arriving at this house, I found that this house was inhabited not by people, but by cats. Yes, cats. There were billions of these little fluffy animals in this ghetto house.
So we went inside and just played with the bazillion cats. For the most part, the cats were the cutest and sweetest things in the world! Except for one that was missing an eye and an ear. Later on in the dream, there I was, just minding my own business and admiring the cats. Then, out of no where, a cat appeared in midair, trying to jump on me and attack my face. However, I did this really awesome ninja move on the cat and shielded my face with my right arm, making the cat bounce off my arm. Poor kitty had it coming for him. Afterward, he landed in this magical pot and disappeared. My friends and I then went back to playing with the cats and petting them, and then I woke up.


Thank you for reading about this crazy dream of mine!

Peace and Love (And cats of course!),