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25 Jan

I’M SORRY I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON! I just have issues with commuting to doing something regularly without reminding myself (except watch Glee every Thursday at 8), so I suppose I’ll share poetry with you all now?
This next poem isn’t mine, but I just really like it, so I’m sharing it with you all!

We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths
by Philip James Bailey

We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths;
In feelings, not in figures on a dial.
We should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives
Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.
And he whose heart beats quickest lives the longest:
Lives in one hour more than in years do some
Whose fat blood sleeps as it slips along their veins.
Life’s but a means unto an end; that end,
Beginning, mean, and end to all things—God.
The dead have all the glory of the world.

Well, lovely dreamers, I hope you enjoyed this Poetry Friday, and that it inspired you to go out and do something remarkable!

Peace, Love, and Remarkable Doings,


The Scientist (Cover)

12 Jan

So, you guys should all go check out this video of my singing with one of my friends. Yeah.

Love you all! ❤

Peace, Love, and Questions of Science,

I May Die Tomorrow

10 Jan

The administration people at my school are making us go tomorrow, and the area is in a state of trauma. 

Hah that’s okay I’ll just go in one of my helicopters right next to my unicorn stables and fairy night club. 

Like, no, this is not okay.

I will sue if I die. As a ghost. 

It’s been lovely knowing you all, dreamers! 😦




Peace, Love, and DEATH,


PS Sorry this is like a horrible post, I’m just really angry. We’re the only ones going to school in our area. Stupid.



Whoa It’s Already Poetry Wednesday

9 Jan

Hello, Dreamers! 

It’s Poetry Wednesday! Today, I shall show to you my last poem, and I’m not sure if it’s as good as my other poems, but here you are! It is, again, an ekphrastic poem.

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth



A World of My Own


Like a blue jay with no one to hear my song

Or a beautiful flower in the middle of the woods.


I create a world of my own,

Where pain and suffering does not exist

And tears are ne’er shed.


O’er by the house

Or closer to the barn,

I find myself being drawn away

To this glorious place

I call my own.


So yeah, I don’t think I like this one as much as my other poems, but thank you for reading!

I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

Peace, Love, and Poems, 


Quotey quote quote

8 Jan

I just need a place where I can defy everything.

Awkward Moments at School with Really Cute Teachers that Don’t Even Teach You

8 Jan


Who likes Barbra Streisand?

If you do, I love you.


So, as you can tell from the title, about two weeks ago I had a pretty awkward moment that I shall reenact using drawings.

My friends – we’ll call them Mel and Clara – and I were staying after school, due to the play we were putting on. This guy – we’ll call him Abe – came in, and started talking to Mel about random shows. Totally flirting. And he offended me, like, five times! Clara was watching Glee at this time…lucky. So Clara and I decided to leave. Yeah. Leave.Capture

And at first, Mel and Abe didn’t even acknowledge we left.

We decided to roam around and reminisce in the elementary school for a bit. We went to the third floor, where our old English teacher’s room is. We looked in, seeing all of the changes that the new, young, very attractive male teacher – we’ll call him Bill – made.


Suddenly, I thought I heard someone singing and walking our way, so I turned around; however, Clara didn’t and continued to stare into the room. Bill then walked into the room, singing, ‘do do do do *whistle whistle whistle*’. This is what happened next:





Clara and I then scurry away down the hall, and I look to my left as we go. I see Bill slowly walking past the doorway with the same expression on his face.

I’m pretty sure we really creeped him out.


But that is not all for the awkward moments!

We ran back to our teacher’s classroom and explained everything to Mel and Abe. Abe left, and Mel, Clara, and I decided to go for a walk around campus. This adorable little car was about to pass by, and Clara said, “I bet that’s him [referring to Bill]!!” Mel doubted it, believing there was no way that this cute, little, white car could belong to him. They made me look in, and…




So, that was a very interesting afternoon to experience. Clara and I then continued to obsess over Bill with the disapproval of most of our classmates, but who cares? HATERZ GOIN’ HATE.

Thank you for wasting your dear time by reading this crazy but true story.

Thank you. *bows*


Okay, guys, it’s Tuesday, which means the work week is 2/5 over! WOO! Being away from school and coming back really made me realize how much I hate being social. In my opinion, internet people are much cooler than normal people (<3). Anyways, Tuesday also means that tomorrow is Wednesday, which is Poetry Wednesday! YEAH PARTY PARTY! Tomorrow I’ll post the last of my poems from my English assignment, but I do have a couple poems/songs (I haven’t quite decided which yet…) for later Poetry Wednesdays. Don’t forget to post your own poems on the comments, dreamers!

Peace out, home skilley biscuits. I’m going to read Jane Eyre.

Peace, Love, and Bill,


I Owe You

7 Jan

Hello, dreamers!
It is again Monday, but this is Monday is special. It’s the Monday that most of us go back to reality, and if you don’t go back to work or school from vacation, then congratu-freaking-lations.
I must apologize for my dropping off the face of the earth yet again (this seems to happen often… Heh). First, I had finals, when I basically ate, slept, studied, and took the exam. Nothing else. My brain was about to explode. Next, I decided to just sleep for my vacation. That’s about all that happened over break. EXCEPT I SAW LES MIS AND THE HOBBIT, AND BOTH WERE PERFECTLY AMAZING. I saw Les Mis (and Eddie Redmayne’s beautiful face and perfect self; yesterday was his birthday! HBD BBY!!) twice in less than 24 hours. It was that perfect. I do suggest that EVERYONE sees it ASAP. Then on Friday, I watched the entire trilogy of The Lord of the Rings with a couple friends for 13 hours straight. My eyes were about to combust, and I was left emotionally unstable. It was awesome. We stayed up until about 4:00 in the morning and had to wake up at 9:30 for a service hour thing. We were zombies. I seriously think I scared some kids, like no joke. After that, we had lunch and saw the Hobbit! It was a little slow in the beginning, but I was on the edge of my seat by the end! GO WATCH IT BECAUSE I WILL END UP SPOILING!
And finally, here I am!
I owe you a Poetry Wednesday, by the way. I’ll do two weeks in a row, so be expecting some poetry this Wednesday and next! Also, if you would like your poetry shown on a Poetry Wednesday, submit your poem(s) either in the comments or email me at Thank you!
Here’s a picture I found on imgfave, and I don’t know, it’s all dream-y and starry and whatnot.


Have a lovely week, dreamers!

Peace, Love, LOTR, and Les Mis,