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Happy Turkey Day!

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, dreamers! Today is one of the only days when you can eat until you’re about to explode and not feel bad about it!


So, how have you all been? I must apologize for my not blogging for, like, two weeks. I was in St. Thomas, where I had to survive without the Internet for a week. Then I came home. And I was jet lagged. And really lazy. But none of that matters! I’m blogging now!

Do expect pictures from St. Thomas when I actually feel like uploading them off my camera. WOO LAZYY!

Well, anyways, I hope this fine fall day does you well. And EAT SO MUCH IT HURTS WOO GO FOOD I LOVE YOU. But not as much as cats.

Peace, Love, and Food,


Hello from Paradise!

8 Nov

Yes, lovely dreamers, paradise. I am currently in St. Thomas for my cousin’s wedding, which means I get to escape the stress of everyday life until Tuesday. And man, is it rockin’.

In other news, Obama has been reelected, which I’m sure everyone has heard about. Unless you’re a seclude that only looks at cats on the Internet, which is perfectly fine! Cats are fantabulous! Anyways, all of my friends on facebook – who mostly aren’t even able to vote yet – have been posting things such as “Oh, goodbye, freedom!” and “We’re all gonna die.” Well, shut up.
I hate politics (I don’t like the idea that it’s meant to bring us together, when in reality it just splits us apart), and I’m not hating that badly! Like chill out. We’re not going to die or lose our freedom. Just because Romney didn’t win doesn’t mean that our country is going to turn out horridly! In fact, Obama is doing a great job, what with gay rights, women’s rights, and whatnot.
So chill out before I punch you.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. Hehe.

Hope the rest of your week is spectacular!

Peace, Love, and Not Politics,

Random Fact: I’d like to be an IP Lawyer!