Where Did October Go?

29 Oct

Guys. It’s the twenty-ninth of October.


What are you doing.

It has finally gotten cold here in the south! Well, 60 degrees, but whatever! That’s cold down here! I seriously felt like I was dying of hypothermia this morning on the bus. The heater must be bipolar or something. It works wonderfully when the bus is in motion! But when the bus stops, it blows out freezing cold air, giving my legs a horrid chill. And terrible goosebumps.

But I’m glad sweater weather has finally come! It is, however, most likely to leave again, since our weather is crazy. One day it’ll be like a sauna, the next like a freezer. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

Halloween is in two days! Yay! I’m going trick or treating with two of my best friends. Might I mention that I haven’t gone trick or treating in years?? Anyways, we’re all dressing up as cats (OMG WHAT A SURPRISE). I’m super excited! YAY FOR SWEETS!


Peace, Love, and Candy Corn,


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