Mondays will be the death of me.

1 Oct

Well, dreamers, I’m afraid it is that time once again! It is yet again Monday. 😦
Why do Mondays even exist? Stupid…
So this weekend, I was super duper busy!
Okay. Not that busy. But still.
Friday, I went home and watched the previous day’s episode of Glee, which was fantabulous! Brody or Finn? What do you think? I then proceeded in surfing imgfave and wasting my night. Saturday morning, I had a swim meet, which required me to wake up at around 9:00. I, like, died. I only had to swim one race, – Thank god!! – and I got fourth! Okay fine out of four, but whatever! I messed up on my dive and turn…but it was only the first one of the season! After my swim meet, my parents and I visited my great aunt, and then we went home so I could practice my dives and turns. From five to nine, I watched Lady and the Tramp and Aladdin on ABC Family, which was a pretty awesome time waster. Next, I played Just Dance to give myself an excuse to eat more food, and then I retired to my bed and watched Mean Girls until two in the morning. (“She doesn’t even go here!” “Do you even go here?” “No, I just have a lot of feelings.”) Then I woke up, did practically nothing, other than do homework, watched Vampire Diaries, went to mass, practiced my dives and flip turns some more, then procrastinated for the rest of the night.
So yeah. Super busy.

I am happy to say it is finally October! Yay for sweater weather! Are you as pumped as I am?

Well, lovely dreamers, try to have a nice Monday! Just keep in mind that you’ll need to go on shopping trip soon for sweaters and boots! And if you’re a guy, think about football. Yeah. Football. That’ll help get you through the day!

Random fact of the day: My favorite holiday season is Christmas, because of all the colors and music!

Peace, Love, and Sweaters!


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