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Thank God It’s Almost Friday

27 Sep

TGIAF! You have no clue how pumped I am for tomorrow. And the only reason I have to be excited is because it’s Friday and I don’t have to endure the torture of school for two whole days.
But then I have to go back. Why is it that Friday is so close to Monday, but Monday is so far from Friday?
Here’s a cute picture of a cute Winnie the Pooh quote. Just ’cause.


Random fact of the day: I really really like Italian. So if you just so happen to take me out to dinner to impress me or whatever, take me to some Italian restaurant. I’ll love you for ever and ever


Hello again, lovely dreamers!

26 Sep

Hello, beautiful dreamers!
I apologize for my not posting anything in two days, which I’m sure none of you really cared about. But oh well! 🙂
So the reason I didn’t post anything yesterday is because I watched the Notebook. And cried. Like a baby. For hours. Don’t judge!
It was a great movie! I do suggest it to everyone!
And Ryan gosling, if you’re reading this, which you probably aren’t, don’t stop being attractive. Like please. And you can come visit me whenever you’d like!

Also, starting today, I will say one random fact about me. Here’s today: I am currently recording my own album! 🙂

All right, lovely dreamers. That is all for today! I must go procrastinate on imgfave when I’m supposed to be at swimming practice.

Peace and love,

Cats > People

24 Sep

Hello, lovely dreamers!
The title, of course, does not apply to you, but to those who live their lives in reality, which is the worst way to live of all.
I hope your day was better than mine!
If not, here’s a picture of a cat.


Pahaha Mondays suck.

24 Sep

So today kindly reminded me of how much I hate Mondays! I won’t go on some ranting spree, but comment below how your Monday was!
I’ll start. Mine sucked.
I hate Mondays this much!


Happy Monday, Dreamers!

24 Sep

Pahahaha who am I kidding? Mondays aren’t happy!


Seriously what I look like right now.^
No one should be up this early. On a Monday.

Peace and Love (And NOT Mondays!),

A Haiku.

23 Sep


Me tomorrow morning.



23 Sep


Cats: Doing the impossible since a very long time ago.